27″ Smart Monitor With Mobile Connectivity SAMSUNG LS27AM500NMXUE, 27″ M5, Smart Monitor, 8ms, FHD, IPS, 60Hz, HDMI, WiFi, BT, Speaker–Item Id : MON-SAM-133 Part no. : LS27AM500NMXUE

AED 1,209.00


Binge watching got even easier. Access a bunch of entertainment apps, such as Netflix, YouTube, and HBO, without switching on your PC or laptop. The remote control and built-in speakers simplify your chill time.

Work seamlessly from anywhere. Boost your productivity with Remote Access features. Using the Office 365 suite, view and edit documents, and conveniently save them all on the cloud. Even while at home, Remote Access lets you work remotely on your school or office desktop.

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